Topics Over Keywords: An SEO-Driven Approach To Content Marketing

Building a new content strategy from the ground up is damn hard.  

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Building a B2C2B Content Strategy

Roughly two years ago, I was faced with a new challenge: start a new business blog. Take it from 0 to … something.

After 8-months of work with two of the smartest people I know - Brian Balfour and Dan Wolchonok - the Sidekick Blog was alive and running.  

Around this time last year, I shared a presentation on how we launched and initially grew that blog.  

Post-blog launch came the second new challenge on my plate: develop a strategy for turning content into a meaningful revenue channel.  

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Start-to-Finish Guide: How To Launch & Grow A Blog

Launching a business blog is not easy. Maintaining one - or worse, growing one - is even more difficult. But I didn't realize just how difficult this was until I joined the Sidekick Team at HubSpot.

After two years of blogging and producing offers for HubSpot's audience of 1.2 million readers, I was suddenly faced with an audience of zero. I went from a team of brilliant content creators to ... me. And when I Googled, "how to launch a new blog," I got the crappiest advice.

"Network, network, network!" - okay, cool, and that accomplishes what exactly?

"Start writing, and keep writing!" - yeahhhh, about what?

"Share your blog on social media!" - right, because everyone on Twitter is just DYING to read my latest gibberish.

Fortunately, I was working with an amazing team. My manager, Brian Balfour, had perfected the art of audience research. And my colleague, Dan Wolchonok, had the perfect mix of technical expertise and growth passion to quickly ship experiments. The three of us worked together to launch what is now the Sidekick Blog, and within five months we generated over 22,000 engaged email subscribers and retained an average of 30,000 monthly blog viewers

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