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Applying A Product Mindset To Content

When many startups search for their first content marketing hire, they turn to former journalists. As a journalism major myself, this was how I made the transition from reporting on the metro desk at The Boston Globe to a content strategist at HubSpot, a sales and marketing software company. It was the perfect role outside of news media itself, full of research, interviews, and writing.

Naturally, as I went from a print publication to business blog, I brought with me the concepts editorial calendars, digital publishing, and high volume readership (and then created stupid words such as "marketlism" to carve out this unique value).

A few years into my career, I joined as the first marketer on HubSpot's debut growth team. We were focused on launching a new product, sort of like a startup division within the company, then called Sidekick. I worked side-by-side with product managers and engineers, observing, learning, and contributing to their work in addition to my growth marketing responsibilities. Under the leadership of Brian Balfour, we became laser-focused on experimentation and authentic growth.

Overtime, I found myself pondering the following: Companies solve for their customers. Product teams solve for their users. So why aren't content marketers solving for their subscribers?

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Topics Over Keywords: An SEO-Driven Approach To Content Marketing

Building a new content strategy from the ground up is damn hard.  

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Building a B2C2B Content Strategy

Roughly two years ago, I was faced with a new challenge: start a new business blog. Take it from 0 to … something.

After 8-months of work with two of the smartest people I know - Brian Balfour and Dan Wolchonok - the Sidekick Blog was alive and running.  

Around this time last year, I shared a presentation on how we launched and initially grew that blog.  

Post-blog launch came the second new challenge on my plate: develop a strategy for turning content into a meaningful revenue channel.  

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