So, i hate about pages.

TL;DR: I'm a female foundher with roots in journalism, marketing, and all things communication. It's a complicated romance, but the somewhat-detailed history of my existence is below.
The Beginning: A Need to Create
When I was 13-years-old, I watched 13 Going on 30 and dreamt of becoming a journalist, creating my first magazine with construction paper and crayons. In college I studied journalism and explored various roles from hosting an AM radio show in New Hampshire to covering the Egyptian Revolution through Boston-based protests for WEBN-TV.
The Pivot: A Business Itch is Born
I pivoted to a Boston-based startup, HubSpot, where I grew to love the business side of content, product, and the growing tech scene. HubSpot is where I grew in my career most, eventually becoming a Senior Growth Marketer managing a four-person marketing team dedicated to organic user acquisition for our latest sales product suite. 
My work at HubSpot led me to a number of incredible memories - speaking at conferences around the world, being invited to a White House exclusive event for Emerging Muslim women in America, and being listed on BetaBoston's 25 Under 25 list in 2015.
The Dream: Hello MIT
Ultimately, I dreamt of doing more, and was honored to be accepted at the MIT Sloan School of Management for my MBA. This is where I began bridging my past lives in media and technology, becoming the first MIT MBA to land an internship at Snapchat, becoming a student partner for Rough Draft Ventures my second year, and ultimately graduating with the mission to transform the news for good through my now startup, Acciyo.
The Constant: Storytelling
Throughout all this, one thing that has remained true through every pivot and experience is my ability to be a results-driven storytelling. Whether the goal is retweets, user acquisition, or mission-driven ... I've learned how to use every form of digital content for the optimal result. 
The Side: A Path for Muslimahs
Outside of my professional work, I work on a number of creative projects that help elevate the voices of minorities and tell stories I believe need to be told - a passion that stems from my own struggles and experiences as the only Pakistani Muslim woman in the rooms I find myself in due to the career and industry choices I have made.