Content marketing leader. Recovering entrepreneur & journalist. 

Anum is an experienced content leader with 12+ years of experience at the intersection of marketing, media, and entrepreneurship. From building HubSpot's early, innovative content playbooks to running a media tech startup to becoming the first content marketing leader at Reforge, Anum is an expert at developing content strategy and leading teams through seasons of change.

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I co-founded Acciyo, a startup on a mission to transform the way we read the news.

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Growth Strategy

My growth guides have garnered 1 million+ views, with insights on content & SEO playbooks.

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Whether pitching my startup or my growth guides, I've had the honor of speaking to audiences worldwide.

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I'm the producer for Desi Standard Time, a podcast on all things South Asian media.

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My startup also publishes Below the Fold, a newsletter surfacing important stories NOT making headlines.

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